What are CryptoCandies?

CryptoCandies are the sweetest, sourest, and juiciest NFTs in the space. We have created 5000 totally unique collectible sweets, ranging from happy lollis to mustachioed gummy worms. No two candies are alike and each one can be owned on the Ethereum blockchain.

Why get a Candy?

NFTs are the trading cards of the future. We, among others in the space, are reinventing collectibles as we know it. These cute lil’ treats act as non-edible tokens that you can showcase, trade, collect, and HODL. Additionally, who doesn’t love candy?!? Especially candy when it looks this cute 😍 So cave into your sweet tooth and get one of these NFTs before they’re all gone.

Maybe you're nostalgic and like to remember the joy of having pops, gummies, and suckers as a treat when you were a child. Maybe you’re still a sugar fiend and like sweet treats or candy so sour that your lips zip up. Maybe you want to collect as many different NFTs as possible 😈 So many reasons and only 5000 CryptoCandies. We are excited to see what the community thinks of each and every treat!


If there is anything we like more than candy (and trust us we like candy) it is giving back in a meaningful way. That is why 20% of the proceeds from this project, primary and secondary, will be donated to the nonprofits mentioned on our donations page.

When a candy is purchased those funds will be routed to two separate wallets, one of which will be designated for donations. From this wallet we will send donations directly to organizations that accept Ether via The Giving Block. You can monitor that wallet here and see our impact!

How it Works?

CryptoCandies will launch a presale between April 16th and April 23rd. During this time, all CryptoCandies will be hidden 🥷, so there is no telling what you will get until the big reveal. Think of this like putting a quarter into the gumball machine - but better and with sweet, sweet NFTs. When the clock strikes 7PM ET on April 23rd you will be able to see which CryptoCandies you have 🦄 - just check out the My Candies tab.

Each candy is a 1200 x 1200 PNG stored on an ERC-721 token and created with tender loving care. We mapped out all of the features before getting to work, and not to toot our own horn, but we think there is a great mix of traits that are rare and well... adorable.

There will only be 5000 CryptoCandies available, with the pricing model below. We tried to design this model to be accessible and competitive with similar projects, while still rewarding our early adopters.

  • #0 - #19 Reserved for Planned Giveaways
  • #20 - #49 @ 0.01Ξ
  • #50 - #99 @ 0.02Ξ
  • #100 - #499 @ 0.05Ξ
  • #500 - #1249 @ 0.1Ξ
  • #1250 - #3249 @ 0.2Ξ
  • #3250 - #4249 @ 0.4Ξ
  • #4250 - #4949 @ 0.6Ξ
  • #4950 - #4999 @ 1.0Ξ

About Us

We are a small group of childhood friends that have known each other well before there ever was a blockchain. We all strongly believe in the future of NFTs and have been long-time investors in various crypto projects. We're so excited for you to join us as we make our first contribution to the space with CryptoCandies.


First time buyer?

The first step would be setting up your very own wallet using the metamask plugin on your browser.

Once that is done, you're going to need some sweet, sweet ETH. You can either buy this directly through metamask, or via an exchange (we recommend Gemini but Coinbase is another option as well).

With your ETH in hand, you are going to want to withdraw to your metamask address (if you purchased on an exchange). Then connect your wallet to our site using the option in the navigation bar.

Voilà! Just like that you are now ready to buy some CryptoCandies - and may we say we are honored to have been your first foray into this wonderful world 😋

If you have any trouble please message the 🧐support🧐 channel in our Discord server and we will be more than happy to lend a hand.

How can I buy, sell, or trade my Candy?

CryptoCandies are stored on ERC-721 tokens, so you can buy, sell, and trade them on popular platforms like OpenSea.

Can I purchase CryptoCandies on a mobile device?

No. We only support purchasing on desktop devices via metamask.

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